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Table of Contents

  1. What does 'Data Centric Web Site' mean?
  2. What is COTS and Why do you use it?
  3. You say you provide integration, What does that mean?

What does 'Data Centric Web Site' mean?

Data Centric is a term used to define those web sites that process and present large amounts of data.

The data could be accepted through fill-in forms or from uploaded data files and it could be presented as lists.

The data tends to be dynamic in nature and the web site has value since it presents this ever-changing data in a form that is easily understood.


Data Centric sites are usually connected to a large database that could be SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle etc


The data in the database may come from or be sent to a non-web site program or 'back-end' system.


MDI specializes in 'Data Centric Web Sites'.

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What is COTS and Why do you use it?

COTS is an acronym for Current Off the Shelf Technology.

It is used to classify the myriads of products both hardware and software that readily available for sale.

These products usually represent the implementation of the latest technology.


Method Development makes a point of employing COTS in any of the work we do.

This provides our customers with a solution that has a long expected life span therefore maximizing their investment.


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You say you provide integration, What does that mean?

Integration is the process of combing several products into a cohesive unit in order to accomplish a particular task.

Generally integration provides a final product that is lower on overall cost than one that is designed and built from the ground up.


MDI's ability to combine custom work with existing technology products insures the customer is obtaining the best value.


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