Focused Resources

Our focus on high-level project management and quality processes helps us to quickly and cost-effectively design an imaging solution. To minimize complexity and cost, MDI solutions adhere to industry standard components and architectures. And, in order to accelerate your return on investment, we provide comprehensive end-user training and consulting, as well as the option to outsource some or all of your non-core operations to MDI.


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Service Options


Book Indexing and eBook Indexing


MDI applies its extensive experience in document management and web development in order to provide superior book and eBook indexing.


Web Site Development


No job is too big or too small. Our web designers can provide your business with anything from a one page web display to a large complex site utilizing database interfaces, customer feedback mechanisms and e-commerce capabilities. We bring the right resources to the job for an efficient and economic result.


Business and IT Consulting


Core Capabilities

  • Documentation solutions such as Intranet applications, knowledge management and mobility solutions.
  • Custom software development for Web and enterprise applications.
  • Migration, porting and re-engineering to prepare organizations for business over the Internet.
  • Services to integrate systems across technology and domain platforms
  • System, network and application engineering to fine-tune application performance.
    Corporate procurement.
  • Desktop management support in order to protect and maintain hardware investments.
  • Internet Sales, including order fulfillment and customer service solutions, Web site creation, advertising, catalogs, contact management.

Application Software Development


MDI 's extensive experience includes information strategy planning, functional process improvement, object oriented analysis and design, joint application development, rapid prototyping, and modeling and simulation to support system and software design activities.




MDI has over 25 years experience developing and installing systems for organizations with as little as 100 members and as large as 1 million + members.

The years of experience combined with leading edge skills in data-centric web work make MDI the developer of choice for web enabled membership and membership management systems.