Focused Resources

Our focus on high-level project management and quality processes helps us to quickly and cost-effectively design an imaging solution. To minimize complexity and cost, MDI solutions adhere to industry standard components and architectures. And, in order to accelerate your return on investment, we provide comprehensive end-user training and consulting, as well as the option to outsource some or all of your non-core operations to MDI.


We have the technology and staff on call, around the clock, to manage all project types and sizes, including complex, multifaceted productions, with exceptional quality and speed, on time and on budget



Application Software Development


Specialists in Data-Centric Web Applications


MDI 's extensive experience includes information strategy planning, functional process improvement, object oriented analysis and design, joint application development, rapid prototyping, and modeling and simulation to support system and software design activities.

Our system migration experience focuses on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integration and the application of new and evolving technologies with existing systems and the development of custom middleware to conserve, combine and convert critical applications software.

Data warehousing services include organization, acquisition, storage and access to provide opportunities for multidimensional analysis including data mining.

MDI personnel have extensive experience in maintaining and enhancing application systems. Our experience includes maintaining and upgrading legacy systems as well as conversion and reengineering of those systems using the latest technology tools and methodology.


Experienced with Client/Server and Desktop Environments


MDI has developed desktop software used on hundreds of desktops as well as Client/Server applications involving LAN and Intranet technologies.


MDI specializes in:

  • Web Applications, Design and Development for e-commerce and e-business:
  • Content aggregation, management and delivery for pervasive computing
  • Personalization and membership services
  • Load balancing and quality of service management
  • Security with firewalls, VPNs, High Speed WAN and PKI implementation for digital certificate management.
  • Data warehousing and Data Mining
  • Integration to Legacy Systems & migration to applications from Mainframe Systems.
  • State of the Art Relational Databases to insure data integrity and security:
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server
    • Access
    • SyBase
    • Informix
    • DB2
    • MySQL
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools to bring your project to a quick completion.
  • Broad breadth of familiarity and background in varied frameworks
    • Cold Fusion
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • COBOL
    • Visual Basic
    • HTML