We Know Union Data!

Combine your data with the web to improve member service, reduce phone calls and member's frustrations. Let us set up a private 'Member's Only' web area for:

  • Health Eligibility and/or Hour Bank Checking
  • Vacation Fund Balances
  • Address Changes
  • Job and Stay-Away Notices


Take the pulse of your organization.

Polls and surveys are an economical and efficient means to find out what your membership needs and feels.


Let us show you how to harness the web to get closer to your membership.





MDI has over 25 years experience developing and installing systems for organizations with as little as 100 members and as large as 1 million + members.

The years of experience combined with leading edge skills in data-centric web work make MDI the developer of choice for web enabled membership and membership management systems.

By employing the latest internet tools, MDI can insure that member service is improved while simultaneously increasing efficiency of over worked and understaffed membership service departments.

By combining legacy data systems with effective web techniques, member services such as:

  • Address Changes
  • On-Line Dues Payment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Member Polls and Surveys

become important and valuable tools.